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    Wynwood Tees Co. is the brainchild of two graphic designers with a love for printmaking, branding and fashion. They both experienced the pitfalls of the custom t-shirt business. Competitor sites were obsessed with moving orders out-the-door, resulting in cheap products that often ended in the waste basket. These sites, consumed with speed and automation, fell out of touch with people's needs and the craft of t-shirt making.

    Spending long hours at local print shops, the duo worked tirelessly planning a new approach. Their goal was simple: make t-shirts that people want to wear every day. Forging t-shirts should be a collaborative effort between the client, designer and print-maker. Only through this collaboration can a superb looking and fitting t-shirt be accomplished.

    Beautiful & Crisp Design:

    It's an art form! Our team of designers and printmakers are dedicated to providing the best customer care and an amazing final product. Each submission is meticulously reviewed by our designers and optimized for screen printing and embroidery.

    The Craft of Printmaking:

    We use the time tested screenprinting process to produce vibrant, long-lasting imprints on our custom apparel. Tried and true, our expert printmakers are involved in each step of the process, from stenciling, ink mixing to hand applying the ink onto the garment.

    Don't want it printed? For that hand-made, stitched look, our embroidery process has got you covered. Our embroidery service uses multicolored thread to sew your custom design directly into the garment.

    Curated Styles:

    We know the importance of offering comfortable, functional and fashion-forward garments. Browse through our curated collections of styles, each with a specific function and fit. From trendy streetwear, durable company shirts to athletic wear for extreme performance, we have a hand-picked style for you!

    All-Inclusive Pricing:

    We want to make it easy for you. Every price quote includes artwork assistance, print setup, free shipping, and guaranteed delivery dates!

    • Round the Clock Assistance
    • Price Breaks for Every Item
    • Free Design Review for Every Order
    • Free Shipping
    • Product Samples